Flamingo Gardens


Flamingo Gardens

3750 S Flamingo Road

Davie, FL 33330

(954) 473-2955

Written by Julie Greiner

See a touch of history on 60 acres of lush gardens, showcasing rare, exotic and native plants. Tour through citrus groves and the Wray Botanical Collection. Explore the "Free-Flight" Aviary, Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary and the Historic Wray Home. Visit our gift and garden shops and enjoy an eco-experience of the Florida Everglades.

An Eco Experience

The Everglades Free Flight Aviary is a 25,000 square foot Everglades "free-flight" facility housing one of the largest collection of wading birds in America. Five ecosystems are represented through the display of native plants. The Wildlife Encounter Live presentation featuring Florida's native wildlife, such as birds of prey and reptiles and their relationship to the environment. The Bird of Prey Center is a showcase of South Florida's rare birds in their naturalistic habitat. These birds are either at-risk or endangered and can not be released because of injuries sustained in the wild. The Tram Tour is a narrated tram ride through the tropical rainforest, native hammock, wetland areas, and groves. The tour is fully narrated, lasting approximately 25 minutes. The Tropical Plant House has a display of Orchids, Calatheas and other unique plants.The Flamingo Island Habitat is a lush area for Flamingos amidst tropical vegetation and sparkling waterfalls. The River Otter Habitat is a fun-filled exhibit of Florida's frisky animals and the Alligator Lagoon is an educational exhibit of Florida's native alligators. Also visit the Iguana Habitat in this area.

Attractions at Flamingo Gardens

This shopping area offers innovative gifts and souvenirs. NATURE'S WORLD, the book store (with over 1,000 titles) is located inside. The Gator Grill is an open seating area which offers a relaxing opportunity to enjoy a snack, refreshments, sandwiches and desserts. (Catering available upon request.) The Garden Shop specializes in tropical and exotic plants and garden accessories. The Fresh Fruit Patio shows citrus being sorted, cleaned and waxed for your own special use. Fresh fruit is available for sampling and a must to take home! Rare fruit trees are also available for sale.

Flamingo Garden and Gift Shops and Eatery

One can study one of the largest collections of towering Champion trees in this area accented with lush understorey planting and waterfall. The Xeriscape Garden is an area used to demonstrate the uses of various materials which are appropriate for use in a low maintenance, minimal irrigation garden. Our goal is to make it clear to the visitor that "Xeriscape" can include a wide and varied choice of plants, native and exotic, to create an attractive landscape while not resorting to the wasteful use of water. The original residence of our founders Floyd and Jane Wray, built in 1933, remains a focal point of the Gardens on the grounds. This house is registered with the Broward County Historical Commission.


It's easy to become a "Wildlife Parent" at Flamingo Gardens. You may make a donation and become a guardian to any one of the birds or other resident wildlife. Your adoptive "Wildlife Child" remains here receiving naturalistic habitat and the very best of care. As a "Wildlife Parent", you will receive a personalized adoption certificate, fact sheet about your "Wildlife Child's" species, and two free passes to Flamingo Gardens. In addition, your name will be inscribed on our Wildlife Adoption Honor Roll in our Aviary.

Adopt the Wildlife

A few of the Wildlife available for adoption: African Spurred Tortoise * American Alligator * American Kestrel * Bald Eagle * Barn Owl * Brown Pelican * Burrowing Owl * Crested Caracara * Flamingo * Golden Eagle * Great Horned Owl * Indigo Snake * Kookaburra * Limpkin * Mississippi Kite * Northern Harrier * Osprey * Peregrine Falcon * Red-Tailed Hawk * River Otter * Roseate Spoonbill * Sandhill Crane * Screech Owl * Snowy Egret *Turkey Vulture * Wood Stork. ForCourtesy of Flamingo Gardens more information call (954) 473-2955.

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